Modified Left 4 Dead 2 Campaigns
Original Left 4 Dead 1 survivors in Left 4 Dead 2 campaigns

Survivor Swap

October 11, 2010

So after reading around sites like and the maps/campaigns sections of the Steam forums, I recently discovered a new line that map authors can add into their L4D2 maps and campaigns to enable playing as the original L4D1 survivors (Bill, Francis, Louis, Zoey). All I did was simply enable the L4D1 survivors and edited the download links to the campaigns. Original campaign authors still have their credit. I'm most likely not going to upload these any where else because I don't want to risk being labeled as a thief stealing works of others, which is why I'm only sharing these here. More L4D2 maps could be edited by me to enable the original L4D1 survivors once I see which ones are most commonly played and more popular. I Hate Mountains is being updated by their creators and fmpfmp or Heartless will be updating Die Screaming (and including the Forage survival map).

"survivor_set" "1" // Which set of survivors should be used. 1=L4D1, 2=L4D2


All the edited campaigns will go here on this site page. Most likely they won't be on any actual dedicated servers, so you'll need to local server host and ask your other friends to also have these mods if you want everyone you're playing with to be the L4D1 survivors. You should still be able to join anyone playing the original versions of the campaigns on a dedicated server, but, the game may get "confused" as to what survivors you see and hear. Other than that, there shouldn't be any conflicts with versions.

Special exclusive developer's version of Warcelona!

Cold Case
Crescendo Collision

Sacrifice Tank as the Tank in any map

October 24, 2010

Another bit of a fun change I discovered is the ability to change the appearance of the tank in any specified map (co-op or survival, I've not tested in scavenge or versus). This simply goes into the part of your missions text file where you specify the chapters in your campaign, so you can have this tank in any map or all maps in your campaign.

"TankVariant" "models/infected/hulk_dlc3.mdl"